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Our Story

Hi - I'm Gladys, I wear human hair wigs. For years I kept hearing family and friends complain about the same things that frustrated me: the outdated white wig head where you can only place one wig, and, to hold it in place, you have to use pins which ultimately damage the wig cap! 

We became frustrated with the fact that we couldn't find an elegant wig box that allowed us to carry more than one wig at a time, ensuring that the wig's hairstyle would stay intact, and, have space to carry our makeup or accessories.  But wait.... what if instead of a wig box, we could have a stylish carry-on luggage that fits in the overhead bin of most major airlines? Then, once we get to our destination, we remove the double-wig head and place it on top of the dresser!

This is how CLONITM was born. Out of the need to transport two beautifully styled wigs, without using pins to hold them in place, and, carry your make-up or accessories as well. CLONITM is the world's first double-head wig luggage - Patent Pending. 

With your CLONITM , you'll turn heads, and, make fellow fashionistas mamesh green with envy!